Our vision

Good things never come alone

Being professionals we can subscribe this expression completely. Of course  there’s a lot to handle before your stand is the way you want it to be.

There are lots of aspects involved in order to make a good stand. To have every detail properly represented, we work according to what’s been said above.

To make sure, we do as we say, we concentrate on the following three aspects:

Standbouw DC-Design voor stands specialist met eigen visie in het ontwikkelen en realiseren van stands voor beurzen en evenementenOne: Design

Of course the final outcome of the design is one of the most important things to arrive at a good stand. To make sure your wishes will be met, we can develop of a wide range designs, from a simple to a more complex stand. If you want, we can even make a floor-filling bursary hit with lots of special features. You can also hand over your own design. We will build or adjust it for you.

At the end we deliver your stand as completed as possible, considering every minor detail (we do have an eye for it…). If you want, we can also decorate your stand; do you want furniture, a kitchen, dishwasher or a multi medial presentation board? No problem, we can fix it for you.

All our designs are being developed in a 3D designers program.

Two: Contacts

While we are making your stand, it’s important to have good contacts (a hotline) with the client. During the entire process you can rely on one person. This is your dedicated conversation partner. We think this is the way to communicate clearly.

Three: Realisation

Wherever you want your stand to be built, DC-design has the knowledge to make your bursary a success. Our professional employees make an optimal bursary-stand happen. They just do!

‘Qua Patet Orbis’, ‘as far as the world goes’ (we go).