Price indication

Several companies ask us our price per square metre. But if the wishes are not completely clear, we are not in for a guess.

We are happy to discuss any design without an obligation to buy. When we have convinced you to do business, we can make a special, customized offer for you.

The following aspects can be of influence to the final price:
  • What kind of stand; for example an island, corner, end or in row stand.
  • Walls, standard 275x100 or any other measures, single or double, the amounts, etc
  • Floor; raised or not raised.
  • Floor covering; rug, laminating, Marley tiles, wooden floors, plates etc.
  • Colours (colouring); standard colours or special PMS-colours, decoration work
  • Kitchen; dishwasher, fridge, kitchen-unit, coffee machine
  • Lighting; standard spots and/or special lighting
  • Special wishes on tables, chairs, cupboards, bars, podia etc. We have to make, hire or fly them in for you.

We are happy to inform you without any obligations.

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